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Tapper was established in 2005 in Haifa, Israel. We have 8 years of real time experience in providing Software Development, Web Application Development, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Mobile Websites Development, Mobile Web Application, Cross Platform Mobile Application Development , Facebook Apps ,flash games and more...

Tapper is a leading IT solutions provider that help your business grow with the use of cutting-edge technology in online applications.

Summary: We have a strong team of web designers, developers,and mobile developers who specialize in Web Design, Web Development and Mobile Development Web Services: Website Development, Web Application Development, Web Design Mobile: Android Application, iPhone Application, Windows Application and Mobile Website Development

Today we mainly provide freelance services, where work with advertising agencies and leading high-tech companies. As you can see from our projects, we’ve worked with some of the world’s leading companies

We are productive efficientand effective in planning and executing our work.
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Our team of developers produce first class code and we guarantee great results.
The emphasis is on quality, beautiful design and smooth development. You can't lose with us.
If you want a quality output with friendly and efficient service, then give us a try!

Android/IOS Apps
Phonegap , javascript, jquery , ajax

Using html5 and phonegap technology, we develop software, applications, games and other necessary instruments for Smartphones. With this technique there is no need to develop two different pieces of software for Anroaid and IOS and it makes for better results,cheaper maintenance and of course much more attractive price. Another advantage of this technology that the customer gets the app\game even on his home website and the visitor does not have to download the app but can simpley enter a Web address. Of course we take care of all the stores (AppStore/GooglePlay) and treat these stores as advertising campaigns.

php, ajax, jquery, html5, javascript

We have extensive experience in developing html5, interactive games, applications and animations of all the types, course management systems development php sites, WordPress And more ...
It is important to note that all of our sites are built in full compliance to existing platforms (mobile, tablet, PC)

Game developers , Actionscript 2 , Actioscript 3

Facebook Games & Apps
Facebook Api

In today's world it is impossible to ignore Facebook. We have rich experience of projects, games, branded companies, applications and sites built into Facebook. we connect to the api which allows us to access all of your friends data (Name, Album, Date of Birth, Recent Posts, address, etc.) and in developing games/apps.

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